Sunday, September 21, 2014

OOTD: It's Still Summer!

Hello everybody!
Fall is coming! I am not excited about it because the weather is getting colder and I hate being cold. I'm still trying to pretend it summer in my head, even though it's freezing in the morning. 
Here's an outfit that's still kind of summer-ish:

I really like the top; it's very sweater like, but it's short sleeved. I also like the little button on the sleeve. 

(Forever 21)
I couldn't really find any similar tops, but any white shirt will do. You can also wear a necklace with this. I would recommend gold jewelry to match the boots.

You might recognize the skirt from one of my previous posts (Outfit Ideas: Picnic). 

(Cotton On; similar: x/x/x)

(Steve Madden; similar: x/x/x)

I hope you liked this outfit! Fall starts in two days: what are some of your favorite things about fall? 
Sorry about the delay, but I've been super busy this week and haven't had time to breathe. Saturday was quite hectic! I had work, then an acupuncture appointment, and then a volleyball tournament; I was out nearly the whole day. Next week should be a lot calmer since I only have three days of school! Thank you Jewish holidays!

Thanks so much for reading. I'll see you soon!
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  1. Beautiful as always! Ooh, you should check out Anthem Lights's cover of Shake it Off! It's AWESOME :)


    1. Thanks Riv!
      It is awesome! I loved it! Esp the George twins ;)

  2. Amazing :D I'm also loving Shake It Off right now :)