Sunday, September 14, 2014

Top 5 Favorite Nail Polishes

Hello everybody!
Two posts in a week? Wow, I'm on a roll!
I didn't really start getting into makeup until last year and since then I've been slowly building up my makeup collection. I don't wear makeup on a daily basis since I'd rather sleep in an extra ten minutes than try to look nice for people I don't really care about (I mean school). My best friend has been rubbing off on me like mad: she got me into buying lots of nail polish. Here are five of my favorite nail polishes:
From left to right: 
Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Burgundy Frost (412A) 
Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant in Lav-endure (145) 
Essie in A List (472)
Nicole by OPI in I Sea You And Raise You (NI 413)
Rimmel 60 Seconds in Mintilicious (210)

 I was completely obsessed with Burgundy Frost last fall/winter and used it quite a lot. It's such a nice fall/winter color and I can't wait to use it this year! (x)

I got Lav-endure for my birthday this year and I love the color! It's such a pretty lavender color but since the color is so light, it requires a few coats to get the color right.  (x)

I love red nail polishes; they just look so sophisticated. I don't like spending much on nail polishes, but I make exceptions for Essie. Wearing A List makes me feel like an A list celebrity (haha, just kidding). (x) If you want to see the color, it's in the 6th row and 7th from the right.

I got I Sea You And Raise You recently and absolutely fell in love with the color. The blue is gorgeous! (x)

I love Rimmel 60 Seconds because it dries really fast. However, if you put a really thick coat or a million coats at once, don't expect it to dry in a minute. This color doesn't need many coats, just one or two, so it dries pretty fast. (x)

Overall, these nail polishes were picked for their colors and easy use. What are some of your favorite nail polishes? I'd love to try out new ones! Also, leave a comment below if you want to see how I do my nails. 

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Thanks so much for reading. I'll see you soon!
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  1. Hm...I wonder who is rubbing off of you :D
    Love the colors, I See You and Raise You is absolutely GORGEOUS!


    1. Haha thanks Riv.
      You're such a bad influence on me somtimes XD

  2. All those colours look gorgeous! I especially love the darker ones.

  3. Yay nail polish!!! I'm obsessed! And I wonder who got you the lavender one......