Monday, October 27, 2014

Sweet Sixteen

Hello everybody!
Sorry for the late post, but this week has been hectic. It might be partially my fault... I probably shouldn't have procrastinated that much. Oops. But I'm here!
The main reason why I didn't post was because I was at my friend's Sweet 16 on Saturday. We went to dinner at Pier 115 Bar & Grill. The view was breathtaking, but it was so cold and windy. I would've taken a lot of pictures except I was too cold to move. I was definitely not going to take off my jacket to take a picture. Sorry, but I would rather be warm than show off my dress. 
As for the food at Pier 115, it was mediocre, really nothing to talk about. 
Here's the dress I wore to her party:

(Forever 21; simiar: x/x)

(Forever 21;  x/x/x)

I hoped your liked this post. Again, sorry for the delay, but you know how school can be. I'm so excited for Friday because it's HALLOWEEN! Yay!!! I'm dressing up as a cat this year, what are you dressing up as?

Thanks so much for reading. I'll see you soon!
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  1. Pretty dress!! :D
    Hm...I'm currently keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have to be a pink cat... XD


    1. Thanks Riv!
      Haha, same. We have to match!