Friday, April 3, 2015

OOTD: Hitting The Gym

Hello everybody!
Kind of going along with the prom theme from the last post... I've been going to the gym more often to get in shape for prom. Alas, going to the gym plus going on a vegan diet for one month has only resulted in the loss of one pound. I don't know what I expected, losing one pound for me is pretty good... considering I cheated on my diet many times (chocolate, though, I can't resist!) Not to mention the day Zayn left One Direction I ate a whole bar of chocolate (I was mourning, okay?)
My sister has a membership at New York Sports Club (x), so I go with her whenever I can (or whenever I can get myself out of bed... usually I can't). I've gone a few times in March. Usually I just go on the elliptical, the bike, or the treadmill. Once, I attended a Zumba class. 
So I go to the gym to do cardio and do strength training at home. Sorry, but I don't feel comfortable lifting my ten pounds compared to the guy next to me lifting a hundred. I follow Cassey Ho's Blogilates videos (x).  I will rave about her in my March/April favorites. 
So here's something along the lines of what I wear to the gym.

(American Eagle; similar: x/x)

(Target; similar: x/x)

(Sports Authority; similar x)

(Haha, oops, they're kinda dirty)

(Reebok; similar x)

I wear long pants to the gym because it's March (April) and it's still cold. I mean, it just snowed a couple days ago, I'm not wearing anything shorter than these leggings. 
So that's it! If you have any weight loss tip, please leave them in the comment below. It's already too late to lose anymore weight (safely) before prom this year, but I could always use any of your tips next year. 
Thanks so much for reading. I'll see you soon!

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  1. Oh so sporty XD Give me your inspiration, I need to start working out... >.<


    1. Haha thanks Riv! I'm going to need motivation after prom. How am I going to force myself to work out??

  2. Wowow putting in so much effort for prom 👍

    1. Ahaha, ikr! Only for prom though

  3. This really motivates me to want to hit the gym!