Sunday, May 3, 2015

March/April Favorites

Hello everybody!
Happy May! Actually... I don't know if I'm happy that it's May. The first two weeks of May are filled with AP Exams... so no, I'm not really happy it's May.
All of March and a bit of April was centered around prom for me (as you can tell by the countless amount of prom posts). I bought so much makeup and tried so many different ways to lose weight and clear my skin. So here are some things I have been loving.

1. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 004 Sandstorm x

So many Youtubers that I watch have raved about this powder, so I had to try it out. I have to say, it's pretty good! It don't look as shiny. Also, normally I can feel the oil under my makeup (it feel heavy-ish... I just know it's there, okay?), but when I use this powder, I don't feel it as much.

2. Belvita Bites in Mixed Berry x

All of March I was on a vegan diet (for prom). So basically... I wasn't allowed to eat anything. The first week was the hardest. I felt like I was starving most of the time. Then I found these! They are so good that I'm still eating them, even after prom! It makes me feel so full that I can only eat about half a bag each time. 

3. The Republic of Tea: Get Gorgeous x

Once again, prom related. This helped me clear my skin a bit before prom. I drank this 2-3 times a day (I think you're supposed to drink it 3-4 times a day... oops?).  There's no caffeine and it tastes amazing. I would drink it just to drink it. 
Unfortunately, you can only use the tea bag once before tossing it. I've tried making two cups of tea, but the flavor isn't the same, even if you leave the tea bag in for a long time. 

4. Falling Kingdoms Series by Morgan Rhodes




You can read my review on the first book, Falling Kingdoms, here x
At first I thought the series was okay. As you can see in my review, I didn't like the characters. But as I continued on with the series I slowly fell in love with each of the characters. I became obsessed with this series and almost cried when it I finished Gathering Darkness because I have to wait until the next book comes out... WHICH IS IN FOREVER!
I will publish my reviews on the second and third book later. The third review is literally just me fangirling over Cleo and Magnus. I can't help it!

5. Once Upon a Time x
I started watching this after the second season came out. It's one of my (many) favorite TV shows. Each series gets better and better.
It's about fairytale characters in the real world. They live in an enchanted town that's inaccessible to the outside world, but the fairytale characters can leave. It is currently airing it's fourth season (and close to the end.. boo!)
Every episode is a plot twist that leaves me screaming and crying on the ground.
Right now I am so mad at Emma! She makes me so frustrated!! I wish I could watch tonight's episode, but I'm studying for AP exams!
Also, Zoe (Zoella) mentioned it in her favorites recently!

6. Blogilaties x
I had to get in shape for prom, so I turned to Cassey for help. I did a bit of blogilates during the summer and it helped a bit. Her videos are absolute torture. I feel like I'm dying every time and I can't move when I'm done. I don't know how she can talk while she's doing the exercise, I can barely breathe!
The only reason I kept going was Cassey. She is so bubbly and encouraging. She knows exactly what to say and when to say it. She'll say "Keep those legs up!" and I'll realize my legs moved a foot from the original position. How did you know, Cassey?
In addition to those torturous videos, she had videos on eating healthy and positive body image. She's so inspiring and motivating. Almost motivating enough to make me exercise again... almost.

I wanted to add Connor Franta's A Work In Progress x, but I read that Friday... which was May 1. So you can definitely expect to see that in my May/Jun Favorites and a book review soon (next week possibly).

Good luck to anyone taking an AP Exam! Remember, it's okay if you don't do well. You are not defined by your grades (and you don't HAVE to send your scores to any colleges). Relax, breathe, and try your best. You got this!

Thanks so much for reading. I'll see you soon!

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