Thursday, August 6, 2015

Random Thursday: Review of Murphy's Law of Love | Taiwanese Drama

Hello everyone!
So today I'm going to do something I've never done before: review a drama. I don't usually watch Asian dramas, but my sister recommended me this Taiwanese drama, so I decided to try it out.

Murphy's Law of Love 莫非:這就是愛情

Murphy's Law means anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Guan Xiao-tong has been cursed with Murphy's Law all her life. Every time her attainable desires are within reach, they somehow escape her grasp at the last moment. After her boyfriend dumps her and breaks her heart, Xiao-tong decides to use her psychiatry expertise to help others with love at an online matchmaking service. Soon a divorce firm opens across the street from her office, threatening the matchmaking service. The divorce firm's owner, Ji Jia-wei, thinks Xiao-tong's theory and love advice is idiotic while she thinks he is a cold hearted person who doesn't believe in love and only started his business so others can be like him. But since Xiao-tong is cursed with Murphy's Law, Jia-wei whom she has no interest in starts falling for her when she unknowingly starts to melt his ice-cold heart.

Okay, first, I'm going to introduce the characters:

Guan Xiao-tong (played by Ivelyn Lee)

(Just a side note: I've only watched one other drama, and Ivelyn Lee just happened to be the lead in that one too! I didn't even know that until I started watching this drama.)

Xiao-tong is such a cute character. Everything she does, all the noises she makes, is so freaking cute! She's the most caring person, ever. She always puts everyone's feelings before hers and cares about other people so much. It frustrates me sometimes because when Jia-wei breaks a promise, she gets upset. But she doesn't let him know that. She always say, "I'm fine" so she doesn't hurt his feelings. He kind of has a legitimate excuse each time, but she never tells him when she's upset. Sometimes I'm just like, "Oh my god! Just tell him!!" She doesn't have the courage to tell people what she thinks or what she's really feeling and she uses Murphy's Law as an excuse for everything that happens to her.

Ji Jia-wei (played by Danson Tang)

Honestly, I love him so much. He's so cute! He just has these intense eyes and when he smirks... *swoon* Personality wise, he's a closed person who hides his pain and misery. Whenever something bad happens to him, he closes up. That makes his friends and family worry about him and makes them think he can't handle certain things. But with Xiao-tong, he opens up a bit. He seems to be the one in charge in their relationship. Sometimes I feel like he's really rude. He'll say "come here" or "Come to my house tomorrow morning. I want breakfast." With his friends, he's kind of rude too. He's the CEO of his company and their boss, so he bosses them around. He also gets jealous very easily. It's really funny. 

He Zhi-yu (played by Jenna Wang) 

Zhi-yu is Jia-wei's model, aspiring actress, ex-girlfriend who left without saying goodbye a year ago after rejecting his marriage proposal. She comes back, expecting everything to be the same, only to find out that Jia-wei is with Xiao-tong. Jia-wei still holds a grudge against her, but despite that, she tries to win Jia-wei back. In the beginning I didn't really like her (because she was trying to steal Jia-wei), but I grew to love her. She's such a strong and determined person, even after everything she's been through. She has a strong personality and, according to Jia-wei's friends, wore the pants in the relationship with Jia-wei. 

Xiang Zi-Yan (played by Jolin Chien)

I'm sorry.... but I hate him. He's literally the perfect boyfriend, but I still hate him. He cares about Xiao-tong so much and is always there for her when Jia-wei fails her. He's always there to pick up the pieces. When he realizes Xiao-tong has feelings for Jia-wei, he backs off a bit (but ends up pursuing her). Not to mention, he's a world famous chef and owns a fancy restaurant. He's a bit stalker-ish. He took a picture of Xiao-tong when she was at university and recognized her years later. Honestly, I'm sure he'd be a great boyfriend... but every time I see him I'm like "GO AWAY!!"

Xiao-tong and Jia-wei's relationship

They are the cutest couple ever! They start off as enemies since they work at rival companies. Xiao-tong works at a matchmaking company while Jia-wei owns a divorce firm. Eventually they get together and they're so awkward together. Once, they just sat on Jia-wei's couch twiddling their thumbs, not even talking to each other. But they still do the cutest things together... I need to stop before I go full on fangirling.
There is so much character growth with these two. At the end, I'm just like a proud mom. My babies have all grown up *tear*

Okay, let's talk plot. Nothing super major really happens. By that I mean, nothing the veers off the get together - break up - get back together plot line. There's one major thing (other than the breakup that always happens) that happens, but that gets fixed in about two-three episodes. So no major shockers in this one. 
It's the little things that happen that make this drama so funny. The small interactions between the characters are the best! Especially Jia-wei's friends. Omg, I died when one of his friends compared Jia-wei to Gandalf and Xiao-tong to a hobbit. 

Once again, I need to stop before I have a major breakdown over the drama being over. Seriously, there's a 9.5 out of 10 chance I'm going to rewatch this drama... really soon.... like right now soon....

Anyway... this is a hella cute drama.. so go watch it! Also, the soundtrack is beautiful, even though they're mainly sad love songs... I still love it!

Rating: 10 / 10
Characters: 4 / 4
Plot: 1.5 / 2
Soundtrack: 2 / 2
Cuteness level: infinity / 2


If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments! I only have 2 requirements for my dramas:
1. Mandrin
2. Hot male lead (seriously...)

Thanks so much for reading. I'll see you soon!


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  2. Thanx for your review!!^^
    Have you watched boss and me?

  3. Highly recommend another Taiwanese drama called "Bromance"! It's spectacularly better than Murphy's Law of Love. =)